Text Box: Scope of Services

I-ENG-A of Central Texas has in house expertise, and access to resources and expertise in over 150 categories of forensic engineering, allows for efficient claims handling in disciplines, some of which include:

· Accident Scene Surveys and Mapping

· ADA Compliance Investigations

· Asbestos and Chemical Exposure

· Automobile Fire Investigations

· Catastrophe Response

· Computer Simulation Modeling

· Construction Defects

· Equipment/Appliance Damages

· Erosion/Avulsion Investigations

· Expert Witness Testimony

· Fire Investigations

· Flooding/Storm water Investigations

· Foundation and Structural Distress/failures

· Fungal Origin and Cause

· Geologic and Geotechnical Engineering Investigations

· Industrial Accidents

· Landslide Investigations

· Lightning Damages

· Marine and Boating Accidents

· Mechanical/Electrical Failure Analysis

· Origin and Cause

· Premises Boundary Determinations

· Product Failure Analysis

· Property Damage Investigations

· Septic System Failures

· Slip and Fall Investigations

· Survey Disputes

· Scope and Damages Evaluation

· Structural Analysis Review

· Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

· Vibration Analysis

· Wind and Seismic Damage Assessments



No single firm, no matter its size or how broad-based its coverage, can possibly provide the level of service and combined efforts that the Investigative Engineers Association offers.  Thus, I-ENG-A’s whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.



I-ENG-A of Central Texas has specialized expertise in a variety of areas and the support of a national network with hundreds of experts and forensic engineers. 


Comprehensive, cost effective and timely reporting.


Text Box: I-ENG-A of Central Texas is the forensic engineering division of MBITS LLC  I-ENG-A of Central Texas is the forensic engineering division of MBITS